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Wild from start to finish.






how can lawyers argue without crying 

or swearing

if i went into a courtroom i’d be all

now you fucking listen here you little cumslut 

"he has been found guilty


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i’ve found my favourite 


Yo, it’s CRAZY how I was just joking around with Rick today about how scary it would be to come across really buff aggressive gay dudes that wanted to force buttsex on us, then I said, “FUCK! GIRLS GO THROUGH THAT LIKE EVERY DAY!”

Anonymous asked: How you know Chia aint cheatin on you?


People ask this all the time, and here’s the thing. 

Whether she’s 10 thousand miles away or 10 blocks away, she could be cheating on me if she wanted to. Just like I could be cheating, too. Everybody could be cheating on everybody. The fact is I would never know, unless somebody had sex videos of her face next to something recent that she purchased, and Chia is smart so if she did cheat, she would never let that happen lol. 

So I could sit around worrying about stressing over something that I would never know, or I could trust that she wouldn’t. 

Or hire spies to follow her around for a few months, but that’s wifey right there. I’m good. 

I think she is the most beautiful being.

"Women’s sexuality is something that I’m obsessed with. I think it’s weird that teenage girls know more about giving blow jobs than they do about masturbation. It makes me sick to my stomach that so many young girls think sex is just about a guy finishing."

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A veces hay imágenes que no necesitan titulo.



I will always reblog this.

Hey look John Green being a decent man, and an awesome mentor for his thousands of thousands of followers and fans who are girls.

Man what an asshole.

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Someone asked I make this available for use. You can find the version pictured above *here*. To make your own, simply insert a table into a blank document and fill it out however you’d like. 
How it works:
Each table has 7 rows filled out for each day of the week, and each colum is a “cheat food” or “problem food”. Every day, I fill out the row according to my eating habits. If I do NOT eat/drink the “cheat” food, I fill it in with a red marker. If I DO eat the food/drink, I fill the square in with a green marker. For each full week, I allow myself to have 4 green boxes, or 4 “cheat” foods. I can have them all in one day and then have none for the other 6 days, or spread them out over the course of the week. You can make your own rules for how you want to fill it in or use your own colors but that’s basically it. 
It helps me control what I eat and how often without having to count calories of every single thing, but I have a calorie total box for that day so I can fill it in if I choose to count.
Feel free to share, use and download. If you reblog, please don’t delete the text or change the source.